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Power generation

Switchgear in a power station
Switchgear in a power station
Turbine station in a power station
Turbine station in a power station
Solar system
Solar system

SPIE SAG provides comprehensive engineering services, and high-quality installation and service for conventional and renewable energy plants.

Automation technology in power stations
Customers benefit from SPIE SAG’s in-depth process know-how in automation and MSR technology for power plants and industrial plants.


Transmission grids

Transmission line
Transmission line
Building EHV/HV transmission lines
Building EHV/HV transmission lines
Incident management
Incident management

SPIE SAG designs, delivers and installs high and ultra high voltage overhead lines for customers in Germany and abroad.

Extreme high-voltage and high-voltage switchgears
SPIE SAG covers the entire spectrum of switchgear engineering services – from planning and installation to initial operation in voltage ranges between 10 - 400 KV.


Transmission grids

Distribution lines (MV/LV)
SPIE SAG provides planning, construction and optimisation services for medium and low voltage networks.


Gas Pressure Regulation and Measurement Systems
SPIE SAG designs and delivers gas pressure regulation and measurement systems from one source.


Control technology for industry plants
SPIE SAG produces high-quality secondary technology (control, protection and transmission line technology) for a wide range of applications.


Energy applications

Traffic Engineering
SPIE SAG designs and manufactures traffic light systems for individual crossings, coordinated systems and signal system networks.


Lighting systems
SPIE SAG designs, manufactures and maintains all kinds of lighting systems.


IT solutions

Management of geo-information
SPIE SAG’s CeGIT (Center für GeoinformationsTechnologie) unit offers a number of products and solutions ranging from consultation and optimisation to digital maintenance management.


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