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SPIE SAG stands for technical expertise, quality and excellent service.  

Organisation of the SPIE SAG Group

We have organised our competences into five business units. With this structure, we are ideally set up to meet the needs of our customers and partners in different markets.

Organisation of the SPIE SAG Group


The Service business unit unites our services in medium- and low-voltage power grids, as well as gas, water and telecommunications networks. Likewise, our expertise in designing and constructing plants for the generation and application of energies is located here.

Gas & Offshore

In the Gas & Offshore business unit, we bring together our expertise in the construction of gas transportation networks. This includes the construction of pipelines and plants on gas storage facilities. Also included in this business unit are our services in the field of off-shore plant grid connection, such as submarine cable laying for off-shore wind farms.

High-Voltage Projects

With a view to the energy transition in Germany and the associated expansion of the transmission network, we pooled our expertise in the construction of extra-high and high-voltage networks, as well as substations in the High-Voltage business unit. This makes us an ideal partner for grid expansion.

This business unit is also responsible for the implementation of the European high voltage strategy of the SPIE SAG Group. The current focus is on the countries of Northern Europe.


The France business unit carries out projects for utilities, municipalities and industrial companies on the French market. The range of services includes the construction of high-voltage networks and services (local networks, lighting systems etc.).

Central & Eastern Europe

Our activities in the markets of Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are all concentrated in the Central & Eastern Europe business unit. In these countries, we provide services in the field of high-, medium- and low-voltage network construction for utilities, industrial companies and public clients.