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Langen – Germany

SPIE SAG Germany

Services and products

Power generation
Transmission networks
Distribution grids
Energy applications
IT solutions
Industrial solutions
Smart technologies
Construction solutions

Saint-Pourcain sur Sioule - France

SAG Vigilec

Services and products

Project concepts
Planning permission

Jouy aux Arches – France

SAG Thepault

Services and products

Overhead power lines and cable lines
Gas, water and waste water systems
Telecommunication networks

Krakau - Poland

SPIE Elbud Kraków

Services and products

Overhead power line and cable installations
Construction of switchgears (HV/ EHV)
Modernising and repairing

Danzig – Poland

SPIE Elbud Gdańsk

Services and products

Overhead power line and cable installations
Switchgears and wind farms
Power supplies for industrial plants
Communication networks

Plzeň – Czech Republic

SPIE Elektrovod

Services and products

Electrical installation

Bratislava - Slovakia

SPIE Elektrovod

Services and products

Overhead power lines
Fibre optic cables
Electrical installations

Budapest – Hungary

SPIE Hungaria

Services and products

Overhead power line construction
Network construction
Street lighting
Meter installations in the regions of Eger, Miskolc and Sarospatak
Cable repairs
GIS installation and maintenance

Staphorst – Netherlands

Bohlen & Doyen B.V.

Services and products

Pipeline construction
HDD technology
Underground cabling
Plant construction
Distribution grids

With high-pressure to the line

Supplying biogas to the Mittelhessen line

A biogas and composting facility had to be connected to the Mittelhessen line. The tight schedule posed the biggest challenge.

Deutschland – Kreiskrankenhaus Waldbröl

New electrical engineering for a hospital

SAG branch in Waldbröl carries out the extensive redevelopment of electrical engineering during operation.

Slovakia – Ground wires

Installing ground wires – with the power still on

SAG Elektrovod was commissioned to dismantle a 20-kilometer ground wire of a 400 kV line and replace it with a new combined fiber-optic cable with 24 fiber bundles.

Germany – Osthafenbrücke Frankfurt

Visual Highlight

The SAG branch in Langen was responsible for ensuring the Osthafenbrücke Frankfurt was cast in its best light.

Germany – Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal

Light and Shadow

The needs of human beings and bats were a top priority of the SAG lighting project for the Nordbahntrasse in Wuppertal, Germany.

Germany – Willigisbrücke Aschaffenburg

District heating route under the bridge

Karlstein regional office lays district heating route directly under a bridge over the River Main in the center of Aschaffenburg.

France – Substations in Longefan and Le Bochet

Key project mastered together

Can two substations be installed and commissioned at the same time? Yes, we at SAG can.

Germany – Power supply bavaria

Caved in? SAG provides support.

After a big thunderstorm in the summer of 2011, SAG was called for fault clearance as competent partner.

Czech Republic - Power supply Brno

An electrified city

In order to ensure power supply to the Czech city Brno, SAG Elektrovod installed a new 110 kV line - in a central duct running 35 meters below the city.

Germany – Smart-Grid-System

Intelligently controlled

The medical specialist centre is using only 10% of its needed energy from the grid. SAG took care of the remaining need by installing smart grids

Poland – Windpark Ostrowo

Wind Force 17

State-of-the-art technology combined with know-how transforms wind into energy. At the Polish lake of Ostrowo, SAG implemented a large project with a total of 17 wind turbines.

Germany – Underground Urban Rail Net Munich

More power, less wait

The stream of visitors during trade fair periods required shorter cycles of the underground traffic. Therefore, the power supply had to be increased - during the night and during short shut-down periods.

Germany – Gas compressor for a combined gas and steam system

Guaranteed safe supply

SAG Erwin Peters provided safe operations of the gas compressor system when the gas and steam turbines of RWE were expanded at the Lingen power plant location.

Hungary – Gas storage site Zsana

Put under pressure

E.ON requested more pressure for its underground gas storage facility in Zsana. This wish was swiftly satisfied: SAG Hungaria erected the necessary substations within a few months.

Germany – Raffinerie Leuna

Working under voltage

For this industrial company, uninterrupted power supply is even during renovations highly important. SAG ensured on-going operations at TOTAL.

Netherlands – Overhead power line Zwolle-Veendam

More power due to more lines

SAG provided more power for the existing 38 kV high voltage line with two newly installed electrical circuits. The A37 had to be crossed and several reconstructions had to be carried out.

France – High-speed network for Haute-Marne

Swift data flow

STT-FRANCOMAT, an affiliate of SAG Thepault, expands the broadband network in the province of Haute-Marne with the latest installation techniques.

Slovakia – Substation Košice

Extra-high Voltage

In only eleven month the SAG implemented a 12 kilometer extra-high voltage line, 47 steel masts and the reconstruction of a 400-kV substation – and at the same time secured the energy supply for East Slovakia.

Germany – ZuhauseKraftwerke

Intelligent energy - homemade

With the "ZuhauseKraftwerke" (at home power plants), you produce your own and clean electricity right at home.

Hungary – Paper mill Budapest

Got the ball rolling

It needs a ton of energy to produce 350,000 tons of paper annually. SAG Hungaria created the necessary infrastructure.

Germany – Remote control of substations

24/7 Service

Thanks to modern online technology, SAG is able to handle operational management of substations that is hundreds of kilometres away.

France – Medium and low voltage grid in Allier

Beautiful views

SAG Vigilec provides a qualitative better power grid in the French province of Allier. At the same time, the modernization contributes to the beautification of the landscape.

Slovakia – Transmission network in the Great Fatra

Maximum voltage at breathtaking heights

SAG Elektrovod replaced 30-year-old conductors-insulators in the rough terrain of the Great Fatra.

Ireland – Overhead line renewal for Electricity Supply Board

Highwire act

In Ireland, SAG demonstrated how to cross three very busy transport routes with one overhead line without disrupting the traffic.

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